Why’s That Pocky So Good?

PockyI’m not sure if I’m the only one, but one of the first things I buy in the vending hall of any convention is a box of good old Pocky. Sure, I could’ve brought some home but for some reason I always forget to buy some before I leave. That box that I just bought is usually gone within the first few minutes, which got me wondering, why’s it so good? Did you know there are around 58 different kinds of Pocky? Of course there’s your basic, chocolate, strawberry, almond, and caramel. They also range from the sweet fruit flavors like grape, orange, and kiwifruit melon to the bitter, honey, tea, kurogoma (black sesame), to the straight up strange like pizza, tomato, and even French toast.

Pocky FlavorsIs it simply because of the amazing flavors, or because it’s sugary and sweet? I don’t like to think so, there’s just something about conventions and Pocky that go great together. One, I feel like it brings me closer to the culture I’m trying to embrace when I go to conventions. Two, it’s so easy to share, you can either open up all the packages and dump them into the box and let anyone and everyone have one or you can let everyone have a package of Pocky from your box. You can even be like me and be selfish and open up each package one by one and enjoy them all by yourself. Three, it’s extremely convenient and it doesn’t hold you back from anything. Eating Pocky doesn’t interfere with you cosplay, if anything you either look cooler or cuter. You can eat it while playing video games and you don’t need to worry about your hands getting greasy or sticky like potato chips. And lastly of course, because it’s a cookie and a stick form which is just plain awesome. Who doesn’t love cookies? So if you’re planning on going to any conventions make sure you buy yourself some Pocky, because your time there isn’t complete without a box. I recommend the Dark Chocolate Pocky.

Now I really need to stop eating that stuff or soon I won’t be able to fit into my own cosplay.