Lotor Cosplay

Lotor from Voltron Cosplay Photoshoot

Our first shoot from Sakura-Con 2018! We had just worked with B_Kishlian two months prior for her My Hero Academia cosplay and we we're so excited that she chose to work with us again! Since it was Voltron, we knew we had to shoot somewhere sleek and...

Killer Frost Cosplay Photoshoot

I love doing winter/holiday shoots. We don't get to do them very often as winter is usually a big down time for cosplayers plus with all the holidays, people are typically busy. Thankfully (through me being annoying), Emris Coscept had a winter cospl...

Addams Family Cosplay Photoshoot

For Halloween this year, I wanted to do a themed shoot! I found out Emris Coscept was planning something spooky, so I asked to be a part of it. She planned an Addams Family photoshoot in a lovely old cemetery just north of Seattle. We had a Morticia ...
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