Wadanohara Cosplay

Wadanohara Cosplay Photoshoot

When Sophie from Squeakadeekn cosplay asked us to photograph her Wadanohara cosplay, I was SO ready! 1. Because it was a little different than what we've been photographing lately, and 2. I knew the perfect location. The lighthouse in Discovery Park ...
Moon Jelly Costume

Moon Jelly Photoshoot

It was 2015 when Emris Coscept first talked to us about doing a jellyfish themed photoshoot. Since then, we have done one jellyfish inspired shoot per year and ...
Saber Alter Cosplay

Saber Alter Cosplay Photoshoot

I was so excited when Jobielee Cosplay contacted us to photograph her Saber Alter Cosplay in San Francisco at the Palace of Fine Arts! This location is a dream come true for me due to its lovely nature and beautifully inspired Greek and Roman archite...
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