Louis Kisaragi Cosplay

Louis Kisaragi Cosplay Photoshoot

The first time we worked with Lowen Cosplay was at Fanime 2015. We absolutely had a blast with her and her boyfriend during the shoot and I was a little bummed when she told us she was moving to Japan. I followed her Japan adventures on Twitter for 2...
Moon Jelly Costume

Moon Jelly Photoshoot

It was 2015 when Emris Coscept first talked to us about doing a jellyfish themed photoshoot. Since then, we have done one jellyfish inspired shoot per year and ...
Lightning Cosplay

Lightning Cosplay Photoshoot

For Cosplay and Kitties Lightning photoshoot, we rediscovered a local park that we had long forgotten about! Lincoln Park in West Seattle is a beautiful spot with open fields, thick forests and a shoreline! For this shoot, we mostly focused on the de...
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