Magi Cosplay

Magi Cosplay Photoshoot

Aladdin and Morgiana from Magi cosplay, photographed in Dallas, TX. Click here to download the photos! " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" return...
Hikaru Osari Cosplay

Hikaru Osari Cosplay Photoshoot

This was our second time working with Anti-Prince cosplay and it was such a pleasure! We did her Hikaru cosplay at Hermann Park in Houston and boy was it crowded! Graduation, engagement and fashion photoshoots were going on around us, but this park i...
Tira Cosplay

Tira Cosplay Photoshoot

Sofia from SEC-C Cosplay was our first photoshoot in our recent trip to Texas. She brought her super amazing Tira cosplay and I was in awe when she was snapping...
Yellow Ranger Cosplay

Samurai Yellow Power Ranger (Sakura-Con 2017)

Procrastiranger Cosplay is the biggest Power Ranger fan we know! Her Samurai Yellow Ranger cosplay was absolutely perfect. I was blown away at the helmet and how it all snapped into place. I must have asked a million annoying questions about how it a...

Fire Emblem Cosplay Photoshoot (Sakura-Con 2017)

Our first photoshoot of Sakura-con was with the lovely Paige Loe and Bunny Jean! Cosplaying as Sumia and Cordella from Fire Emblem, we took them over to Woodland Park. It's still early spring and a little chilly so we made use of our space blanket (a...
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