Tira Cosplay

Tira Cosplay Photoshoot

Sofia from SEC-C Cosplay was our first photoshoot in our recent trip to Texas. She brought her super amazing Tira cosplay and I was in awe when she was snapping...
Yellow Ranger Cosplay

Samurai Yellow Power Ranger (Sakura-Con 2017)

Procrastiranger Cosplay is the biggest Power Ranger fan we know! Her Samurai Yellow Ranger cosplay was absolutely perfect. I was blown away at the helmet and how it all snapped into place. I must have asked a million annoying questions about how it a...

Fire Emblem Cosplay Photoshoot (Sakura-Con 2017)

Our first photoshoot of Sakura-con was with the lovely Paige Loe and Bunny Jean! Cosplaying as Sumia and Cordella from Fire Emblem, we took them over to Woodland Park. It's still early spring and a little chilly so we made use of our space blanket (a...
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