Wadanohara Cosplay Photoshoot

When Sophie from Squeakadeekn cosplay asked us to photograph her Wadanohara cosplay, I was SO ready! 1. Because it was a little different than what we’ve been photographing lately, and 2. I knew the perfect location. The lighthouse in Discovery Park can be annoying to get to. They don’t allow any parked cars (unless you have a special pass) and they want you to hike 1.5 miles from the “main” land to this coastal spot. We can’t really do that with all our gear, so luckily we got a ride from Squeakn’s parents so we could make this shoot happen. The setting was perfect; rock walls, sand, water and a cute little lighthouse! The sun was pushing into golden hour and made the most beautiful glow as you can see in the set. What you can’t see, is the constant breeze blowing off her hat 90% of the time, but we all got creative and made it work with modified posing. This photoshoot screams fun in the sun to me and that’s exactly what it was. 

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