Umineko: When They Cry Volume 1 Review

Demographic: Shonen
Age: Teen+

Summary: Umineko: When They Cry by Ryukishi07 is about a wealthy family (4 siblings and then their teenage off springs) who gets together once year a someones mansion on an island. But! This is the first time in 6 years that the main character Battler (yes…that’s his name) has gone to this family reunion. He is in awe of how much his cousins have grown up from 6 years ago. But gasp! A typhoon is coming! Now everyone is stuck on the island because the winds are too strong. Grizzly things begin happening! Is it because someone wants the family fortune to themselves? Or is it the work of some random ass witch? DUN DUN DUN…

Story Line:  I guess this story could have potential, but it just..doesn’t. It’s annoying (see: characters) and takes way too long to go anywhere. It does have it’s creepy moments but they stop short because all of a sudden the characters are fine again (like nothing happened…?). And the youngest cousin who is 9, acts like a 5 year old and drives me up a wall. (Again, see: characters)

Art: The art here is pretty good. I actually enjoyed the character design of the adults more than the teens. (Except the dads, why do the dads look so freakin WEIRD and the moms so freakin hot?!) It can get sloppy at times, you can tell when the artist was in a hurry to get a certain part done, mainly because Battler’s nose starts to go astray every once in a while.

Characters: Sigh. Seriously…sigh. Battler is alright.. I guess. He’s a pervy 18 year old who loves big boobies (who doesn’t?) and proceeds to feel up his cousin Jessica and attempts to feel up the large breasted maid, but is turned off when she doesn’t fight him off. He gets really scared when he finds out freaky things about the island but then is fine 2 seconds later when the cousins decide to go on a picnic. This happens no less than 5 times in the first 200 pages. OMGIMSCARED…jk everything is fine and I’ll forget anything even happened. The youngest cousin, Maria, who is 9, is one of the most annoying characters I have ever come across in a manga. First, she starts off every sentence with UU~. Oh! And she sometimes even ends her sentences with UU~. 😐 She also refers to herself in 3rd person and acts like she’s 5. Why didn’t the author just make her 5? Since she is so young, she can see/sense paranormal things because you loose that sense when you get older. So this results in her suddenly looking super creepy and repeating words over and over again. “Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck.” No. It’s not creepy anymore, it’s just annoying UU~. Some of the female adult characters are pretty cool but seriously over dramatic.

Overall: Nope. 0/5. I could barely finish this thing. This volume is like 550 pages or so, and it was absolute torture. Boring with bad characters. Nothing to help you pull through it.[xrr rating=0/5]

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