Demon Love Spell Volume 1 Review

Demographic: Shojo
Age: Teen+

Summary: Demon Love Spell by Mayu Shinjo is about a high school girl named Miko who is a shrine maiden, but is really bad at it and cannot sense ghosts or demons like the rest of her family can. She comes across a sexy guy named Kagura at school and is convinced he is a demon because he flip flops from girl to girl and cheats on each one. She casts a spell on him and GASP! IT WORKS! Kagura really was a demon who feeds of women’s love for power. Now Kagura is after Miko. (More review after the picture)

Story Line:  Typical shojo- Guy puts girl in kissy/sexual positions, girl blushes and attempts to refuse the guy, something random happens. It’s not bad though! It definitely takes a page from Bride of the Water God. Kagura is a mini thing during the day, almost like a child (because of the spell) and then at night he can enter her dreams as his real self. This manga actually gives you the goods though. What do I mean by that? They kiss multiple times (Remember! He gets his power from lovin) and I’m pretty sure they have sex when he enters her dreams- cha ching! The rest of the story line isn’t bad as well, Kagura helps her defeat demons because when she is holding onto him, she can see them.

Art:  Nothing toooooo special going on here. There are a lot of empty backgrounds and to compensate for the emptiness, there are dots everywhere. Sometimes the outfits can get kind of detailed which was interesting! But they don’t last long. The character drawings are cute and I guess that’s all were paying attention to anyway.

Characters:  The two main characters in the story, Miko and Kagura, don’t really have personalities. Miko is determined to be a better Shrine Maiden but thats about it for her. Kagura is a little more interesting in that he gets angry and jealous at things that Miko does.

Overall:  Seriously, not a bad shojo. It’s not giving you anything you haven’t seen before, but it’s not BORING and I think that can be hard to come by in the shojo world somtimes.[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Demon Love Spell has a release date of December 4, 2012 and can be purchased here: