I see you’ve decided to learn how to sew. I’ll try to keep the blabbing to a minimum and get right to the point.

First, I want to talk about the basic supplies you will need:
-Sewing Machine (Too obvious?)







– Sewing Machine’s manuals and accessories. If you don’t have the manual, you can usually find them online. This is very important for when you change the settings on your machine.
-Fabric Scissors, these are not your average scissors. They are much sharper and should be used on fabric only.
-Pins, lots and lots of pins.

-Iron and Ironing board. One of the biggest parts of sewing is ironing, so this is very important. If you live in a small apartment like me, Ikea makes mini ironing boards that are perfect for small spaces.

-Seam Gauge. I use it for measuring my hems.

Don’t feel like reading this tiny post? I made a video of supplies you will need here: