Sewing 101: Lesson 1- Sewing a Basic Seam

I’m going to show you how to make a basic seam.

First, you take your two pieces of fabric (right sides together) and pin them.

I’m going to be using a 5/8ths seam for this lesson, so I lined my fabric up with that measurement on my sewing machine. Put the presser foot down and take out your first needle. It’s very important that you don’t sew over your pins. You will damage the needle and possibly your machine.

Begin sewing a few stitches and then back track at least two or three stitches. (My old instructor told me I would only need to back track once but I feel more secure with two or three) After back tracking a few stitches, begin to stich forward until you reach the end of the fabric (Don’t go over)

Back track two or three stitches again and then pull your presser foot up and cut your thread.

Trim your thread flush with the fabric.

Ironing time! Open up your two fabric pieces and iron the seam open in the back and the front.

And there you have your basic seam!

In the next lesson, I will go over how to finish your seams to look professional and to avoid fraying.

Want a video version? Here ya go!