Haikyuu Quest Cosplay Photoshoot (Sakura-Con 2017)

We’ve been lucky enough to work with Blueleaf Cosplay for a couple cons now and when they let us know they were coming into town for Sakura-con, we were so excited to work with them again. For this shoot, they cosplayed as Oikawa and Iwaizumi from Haikyuu Quest. After doing some research on locations, they decided on the lovely and interesting Volunteer Park in Seattle. Since the park has so many points of interest, we had no problem finding places to pose. My personal favorite spot was the doors of the Asian Art Museum. That type of art is definitely rare in a new city like Seattle and it worked perfectly for their cosplay. This was one of their first times building armor and I was seriously impressed with their skills! I hope to see more armor from them in the future and maybe we can photograph it as well. 😉

Click here to download the images!