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GentlemanOtoku Explains: Sport Girls

Definition: Teenage girls in anime that participant in sports and are known for their athletic abilities.

What You Need To Know: The Sport Girl plays a variety of roles in anime. She can be a main love rival, a childhood friend, or even just an unassuming supporting character. There are basically two types of Sport Girls, Short Hairs and Full-Bodied.

Bruce Lee Ain't Got Nothing On Me!
Bruce Lee Ain’t Got Nothing On Me!

Short haired Sport Girls are, well, female student athletes with short hair. They tend to be smaller in stature and very competitive. Their brash nature and minimalist cosmetic appearance often gives them an air of masculinity. They’re also not the brightest of people.

Bring On all Challengers!
Bring On all Challengers!

Full-bodied Sport Girls, on the other hand, balance out their physical prowess with aesthetic attractiveness. Many Full-Bodied Sport Girls have well developed, often overly developed, physical features that make them targets for lust and desire. Their also more intelligent than Short-Hairs, and do very well in school.

Believe It or Not, Her Favorite Exercise is Running
Believe It or Not, Her Favorite Exercise is Running

The one common characteristic that all Sport Girls share is their physical strength. Sport Girls are incredibly strong.


Western Translation: The anime Sporty Girls is basically the western “Tomboy. The Tomboy shares more in-common with the Short Hair than the Full Body, as proficiency in athletics stopped being associated with Tomboys decades ago.


Special Note: Sport Boys (Ryu Sanada, Kimi ni Todoke)