Fanime Day 1 Recap

Fanime 2013: Day 1

Today we talk about our Fanime 2013 Day 1 experience.

Registration Line:

On Day 1 the registration lines were much shorter, but still in the 3 to 4 hour range, better than Thursday’s 6+ hour line. We heard that if you wanted to wait for a shuttle, you could in fact register at the DoubleTree, where Clockwork alchemy was taking place.

Speaking of Fanime’s Shuttles

As we suspected on day 0 of Fanime, the “Increased shuttle’s” during peak times didn’t work out for Fanmie. Instead of having 2 shuttles cutting the wait time in half, the shuttles ended up traveling together, meaning we still needed to wait 35-40 minutes per shuttle. This was horrid because if you needed to quickly go to the Double Tree you would essentially be losing about an hour in your day.

Fanime 2013 Opening Ceremony and Special Guests

This year Faminme 2013 is packed with special guests including:
Darrel Guilbeau
T. Nonaka
Yumi Sato
Takahiro Omori
7!! (Seven Oops)

Here’s a quick Gallery from the opening ceremony.

Clockwork Alchemy Wind-up Cabaret

On our way back to our hotel we heard of that there was going to be a band playing that evening. We decided to pop into Clockwork Alchemy’s Wind-up Cabaret, which for you that don’t know is essentially a Steampunk con within Fanime. To say we were pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I had never heard of the two bands playing, but both put on an amazing show. Nathaniel Johnstone opened the show playing a unique blend of Jazz/rock. fold, and gothic sounds.

But the main act, Steam Powered Giraffe, was simply delightful. The band played western inspired cabaret music, and put on quick a comedic act too. I don’t know how to describe it other than it was awesome.

Here’s a quick gallery of the show.

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Best Part of our day

Exploring the Fairmont Hotel, and Hilton. If you want Cosplay photos done, go to one of these hotels. They are AMAZING, we’ll be posting images soon! Seriously, if you have a photo shoot planned drag your photographer into one of the hotels!