Fanime 2013 San Jose Convention Center
Fanime 2013 San Jose Convention Center

Hello everyone, we just finished up Fanime day 0 and here’s our initial impression. It’s big.

Here’s just a quick reap of the things we noticed that’ll make getting around much easier.


From our few hours we were at the con, we took the Fanime provided shuttle to all three stops ( DoubleTree, Convention Center/ Hilton. and Fairmont ), all told it was about a 35-45 minute trip, the longest being between the DoubleTree and the other two venues. Part of the issue was that there’s only one shuttle working on day 0. Starting on day 1 an additional shuttle should be available cutting the wait time between shuttles in half.

Convention Space:

Since the convention is split over 4 locations, 3 of which are within walking distance ( Fairmont, Convention Center, and Hilton ) people will be sprawling everywhere. If you’re looking to find someone by chance, like at Anime Expo, it’s most likely not going to happen. The other thing we noticed was that a large part of the San Jose convention center was still under construction. Though the parts that weren’t under construction were awesome, it seemed a bit small, most likely caused by the large portion that was closed off due to construction.


Calling the registration line big would be an insult to it’s true size. The line is HUGE! It’ll take you a few hours to get through it, so if you want to make it into the con on a certain day make sure to get there wayyyy earlier than you ever imagined.

I mean take a look at this thing, and this is only the front half.

Regaurdless of all this, this con looks awesome, and we’re excited to meet all of you Fanime 2013 con-goers!