Emergency Cosplay Repair Kit

Have you ever gone to a convention with an amazing cosplay, only to have it break on you? Whether it be a small detail or a giant hole every cosplayer should bring along their very own Emergency Cosplay Repair Kit. By carrying around this small, simple kit, can spare you hours of frustration.

Safety Pins

These will be your best friend for any cosplay emergency. Grant it, one small piece of metal can’t hold together a ten pound dress, so make sure to bring atleast a small baggy full. Carrying around ten or so safety pins will help in almost any fabric involved problem.

Small Make-Up Kit (optional)

To start off, you dont have to bring your entire make up bag for a “just incase” emergency. But bringing along a small eye shadow container, blush, lipstick, and eyeliner can help in any major make up meltdown. With this, remember to pack a pocket mirror to touch up with.

Needle and Thread

What has to be the most fundamental “must have” in your kit is a sewing needle and a spool of thread. Even if you yourself dont know how to sew, chances are that someone you may be attending the convention with does. By just carrying around these two seemingly pointless items can save your cosplay from total destruction.

Super Glue

Last but definately not least, the almighty super glue. Whether it be metal, fabric, foam or jewels, this simply 5 inch long tube of wonder can help fix it. Simply apply a small amount of glue to where you want to re attach your item, hold the item to it for a minute give or take, and ta dah! Your cosplay is back in business! And remember, a little bit can go a long way.

Before every convention go through a mental list. Tickets? Check. Cosplay? Check. Camera? Check. Cosplay Repair Kit? Never forget it!