Neferet Cosplay

Today we have an Award winning cosplayer, Neferet, who caught my eye for her masterful interpretation of Wonderwoman

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Andy: Who or what made you go to your first Convention? What was your lasting impression of your first Convention?
Neferet: I went to my first convention because I wanted to buy some figures and manga-books. In that moment, I didn’t know what [sic] was exactly a convention (I thought it was only stands to buy geek stuff). The same day I saw a cosplay contest, and it was love at first sight! One year after my first con I did my first cosplay.
I have good momeries about my first convention, that day I met two of my best friends and discovered what it was a cosplay contest.

Andy: Why have been winning cosplay awards since 2009. Why do you enter these contests? What is your feeling when you dnot place first? Why do you think so many of your costumes are award winning?chun 1

N:– Why I have been winning? I don’t know, that question should be replied by a cosplay jury.
– Why I enter these contest? I really love acting and dancing, and of course I love the characters who I represent. So, I always enjoy to do a performance or cosplay show, and cosplay contests are a good way to show people what I can do and why I love cosplay.
– What is my feeling when I don’t place first? I do not care, the important thing is if I’m happy with my work or not. But I always ask the cosplay juries for tips or what I need to improve in my work as a cosmaker.
– Why do I think many of my costumes are award winning? I don’t know, because the opinions are subjective. All depends on the juries’ evaluation criteria and what are they looking for in a winner. In some contests, the juries prefer a good costume, but sometimes they prefer a good performance.

Andy:  You recently placed first in Cosplay World Masters, Why did you pick the costume you did for that contest? How did it feel to be considered the best cosplayer in the world for 2012?
Neferet as Sakura Hime

N: I picked the Sakura-Hime cosplay because in that moment this costume was my best work as a cosmaker, and because that dress is one of my favorite costumes.
Another reason was the performance. I did the same performance in other contest before the Cosplay World Masters but it didn’t turn out as I expected. So I wanted improve it with better props, scenery and lights, and the Cosplay World Masters was a great opportunity to show the final result.
How did it feel to be considered the best cosplayer? Well, I can’t explain it to you. When the compere announced my name I started to cry, and I continued crying when people applauded me. I could not believe it, I still can’t.

Andy: One of your frequently photographed cosplays is Raven from the Teen Titans, what are the similarities between you and Raven? How did you choose the fabrics for your Raven costume? Why did you choose the particular version of Raven you made?

N: I don’t think I have similarities with Raven, but I love characters like her. I love strong women, mysterious and intelligent, with a dark side or bad girl attitude. In real life I am not exactly a mysterious woman or a dark one, but I like playing characters with these characteristics, like Pandora from Saint Seiya or Raven. Those characters are two of my best cosplays and interpretations.

Andy: You have an interesting interpretation of Wonder Woman with a cape, where did you get the idea for this version of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman has been a strong female character to look up to for most girls, what are you thoughts of WW as a role model?ww2
N: That version of Wonder Woman is from the videogame DC Universe Online. I made the cosplay because some friends and I made a big team of Wonder Woman with different versions of her.
I think Wonder Woman is one of the strongest women in comic books, she has a wonderful personality and great virtues. She is a good role model for girls and young women.
Andy: If you could choose a Hollywood actor to play wonder woman, who would it be? Why?

N: The best and only Wonder Woman actress is Lynda Carter, no more than her.

Andy: How has Facebook influenced your cosplay choices?
N: I choose my cosplays based in my fanaticism and love for some stories and characters. Some people suggested me characters and cosplays, and I always take into account the suggestions but I only make the cosplay if I really like the character.
Andy: What Conventions will you be at in 2013?

N: I’m waiting for a big local convention called Anime Friend!

Raven 1