Cosplay Weight loss

Weight Loss for Cosplay

I’ve hated my weight for about a year now. I started gaining weight last summer due to some medical things and once it was all done, I never got the motivation to work it off. It’s not just a little weight either. I’m uncomfortable. I hate the way I look in my clothes, I hate the way I feel, I hate the way I am captured on video and in pictures.

Working from home made it rough. It’s hard to get out and get motivated when everything you need to do is inside. Paying for a gym membership is not in the cards right now and my eating habits are atrocious. I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know where to begin. When I was at Anime Expo, I accidentally left the hotel TV on all night and woke up to an Insanity commercial. Now, I have seen these commercials a million times before and always brushed it off, but my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to do a little research. I came across some Tumblr postings of Insanity before and after and some progress posts. I was amazed. It wasn’t like they had lost a HUGE amount, but they generally lost 10-30 pounds and had more toned muscles throughout. I mulled for a few weeks, doing my research, making sure it was legit. Last week, I decided to buy it (used for $50, holy crap the normal price is a lot). I’m starting this “journey” today and am looking forward to posting my progress and meals here.

I want to feel better and I want to look awesome in my cosplay. Here it goes!