Aki Con 2013 is a Go

Aki ConAfter the dust had settled on the Aki Con 2012 drama, I had been randomly checking their site to see if they had any updates on 2013. I wasn’t even sure if they were coming back, with all the rumors that the Bellevue Hilton doesn’t want them anymore. Then suddenly today, we got a message from Aki Cons owner, Nicole.

“I, Nicole the owner of Aki Con, decided to message you instead of posting on your video page to keep Syri and Suni moon, from over loading your page like they have done our facebook and forum. Aki cons new venue is the Doubletree Seatac owned by Hilton. We moved because the Hilton was just too small. I’m not sure why these two have taken to trashing Aki con and leading personal attack against its volunteers when they could have spoken with us at the con. Aki con does have many faithful fans that defend Aki con on the forums in a way that was not in keeping with Aki cons image but I can’t stop that anymore than I can stop these two women from bad mouthing Aki con every chance they get. They search out any positive review and post a bunch of negative things and then say ‘Oh, its nothing personal, if you had a great time that’s fine but…’ I enjoyed your review and Aki con always considers helpful feed back.”

Interesting! We still feel the exhibition hall should have been handled better, but I know it must be hard to try to change the image of a con when people will try anything to tear it down.

Aki Con 2013 will be held at the DoubleTree Seatac hotel (Owned by Hilton btw) on October 25, 26, and 27.