Otakon Moving to Washington DC in 2017

Otakon to Move to Washington DC Starting 2017

In news that is exciting for some and sad for others, Otakon has announced that starting in 2017, they will be moving the popular convention to Washington DC.

Otakon organizers felt that the growing convention would get too large for the Baltimore Convention Center. “The Baltimore Convention Center has not aged gracefully” an Otakon rep stated. The city of Baltimore has vague plans to redo the convention center, but Otakon didn’t want to take the gamble on whether to project would go through or not.

The Washington DC convention center has 400,000 more square feet than the Baltimore center. Which by 2017, Otakon will probably need all that extra space. In a statement, Otakon said “Despite our long ties to Baltimore, we are energized and excited for the possibilities afforded by the facilities in DC.”

How do you feel about Otakon moving to DC in a few years? Will it affect your attendance?