Frozen Cosplay

Next Big Cosplay: Disney’s Frozen

I think I’m a little behind see, I don’t watch much TV and I haven’t seen a movie (in theaters) in 900983590 years, so I was confused when a compilation image of Disney movies popped up on my Tumblr feed. “What…what is that at the bottom?” I asked myself. Someone in the text portion wrote, “Thanks for including Frozen!” Frozen? What the hooha is Frozen? Googling led me to a teaser trailer that included a goofy snowman and a reindeer (moose?). can’t be it. After more Googling I finally learned more about the main cast, what the general plot is and that it’s suppose to be released in November (soon!). The second I saw the pictures of the main (human) cast, I knew it was going to be the next big cosplay.

Let’s take a look at the 2 main characters and I’ll include some helpful links to get you started on your Frozen cosplay.

Anna CosplayAnna
Anna is the younger sister of Elsa (you’ll learn more about Elsa in a second). Anna is a free spirit and is happy and fun loving. She goes on a quest (with Kristoff) to find Elsa, who has banished herself to the mountains after accidentally putting a snow curse on the town.

Her clothing definitely takes inspiration from traditional Norwegian dresses (the black bodice part seems to be more “princessy” though) and she sometimes wears an awesome, almost fuschia colored Anna Cosplaycape.
For the cape, try Simplicity Pattern 5794
For the skirt and bodice, there’s obviously not going to be one amazing pattern that works perfectly. Take a look at Burda 7870 or Burda 7326

Anna’s hair is strawberry blonde, tied into two braids with a platinum blonde streak on her right side. The main part of the hair is easy (find a strawberry blondeish wig!) the blonde streak is where you have to start playing with wefts. (Remember: You cannot lighten a wig) For the base wig try Eowyn in Ginger Blonde from Arda

Anna has blue eyes with a hint of teal. Wanna try contacts? Try Venus Eye Aqua from Pinky Paradise

Elsa CosplayElsa
Elsa holds an ancient power over ice and snow which she keeps hidden from her family, even her sister, Anna. During Elsa’s royal coronation, her abilities over ice were somehow exposed to the citizens of the kingdom, causing Elsa to accidentally place a frozen curse on her kingdom, trapping it into an eternal winter. Because of this disaster, Elsa goes into self-imposed exile.

Elsa’s outfit is gooorrggeeouuss! The see-through thing in the back (what’s that called?) Elsa Cosplayseems to have a clear ice/snow pattern on it with possible beading (hard to tell with so little reference). Some patterns like might help you out (minus the sleeves on both) are Simplicity 1551 or Simplicity 9891

Some pictures her hair looks white, but from what I’ve been able to find, Elsa has platinum blonde hair with a voluminous side braid. Depending on the wig, you might have to add wefts for more volume. Try Eowyn in Titanium blonde from Arda (their platinum blonde looks a little yellow to me) OR if you want to try a lace front wig you could try The Dude in Titanium Blonde from Arda. This one might need more length. You can check our Arda’s short wefts here and long wefts here. Nyx 28″ Natural Blonde from Epic Cosplay might work as well.

Elsa also has blue eyes! Try GBT Blue from Pinky Paradise