Marija’s Top Five Most Unbearable Anime and Anime Movies

The last few weeks have been intense in my life,  all the studying, midterm taking, and readings. Sometimes it just feels unbearable!  That got me thinking this is what I consider my top 5 of most unbearable to watch anime/ anime movies.

5.) Sakura Wars
Sakura Wars is an interesting show based off a series of video games, having to do with robots fighting an evil force with an all women’s team. But like most anime based off video games it tends to feel all over the place, and only touches the surface of something so large scale. But what makes this series so much more unbearable is the dub. There are so many things wrong with it, some kids could have done better!

Sakura Wars

4.) Powerpuff Girls Z
This reason this goes on my list is because I grew up with the original Powerpuff Girls. Powerpuff Girls Z is a show that took the main idea of the original Powerpuff girls, and then flipped it upside down. They changed a lot of things.  It’s a show that you will love it or hate. But I will say now, if you want some sugar, spice, and everything nice. Well…. you’ll get it but not the same way you think you will.

Powerpuff Girls Z

3.) Yosuga no Sora
This show is a lot like School Days in the sex department, so be aware when watching. The way this show goes from one character to the next can be awkward and not transition well. One thing that was hard for me to watch is how obsessive the main character’s sister got about loving him and wanting to seduce him….Awkward!


2.) Suzuka
Ok, I like romance shows, I really do. But Suzuka sure knows how to do them wrong! There is so much about this show I found unbearable to watch. The main character is not very likeable and in the end you don’t even feel he deserves anything he has gotten. It is a sport anime and I don’t mind that genre, but the way it executed the romance and the plot was just outright sloppy!


1.) A Tree of Palme
   This movie…just this movie. It has wonderful art, it sounds interesting, heck some of the people from Akira went to help out with this movie. (You might even notice some similarities between Akira and Tree of Palme) But nothing is right about it, there isn’t much of a plot, the main character of the story feels more of a side-character, and the point of the movie where there is a climax, just feels like it doesn’t exist. This movie is what I feel is the most unbearable thing one could ever try to watch.