Buying Anime for Christmas

Marija’s Tips on Buying Anime for Great Prices this Holiday!

  As a anime fan one thing i always ask besides video games, and the occasional sweater, sweatshirt, or pair of shoes; is anime season sets and dvds. Collecting anime dvds is an expensive hobby but during the holidays sometimes great deals come out. But there is always things a fan needs to check before buying. Here are some tips for not only getting good deals on anime but also safety tips.


1.) Do Research!

There is always a favorite site you like to go on to buy anime merchandise or dvds. But don’t think that’s the only place to shop for. Even if my favorite site is having an amazing deal, easily another site I know and trust could have a better deal and there isn’t even a sale. Before you jump right into a purchase always double check your options. Which leads into the next tip I have for you all.

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2.) Go on well-known sites!

There are plenty of anime sellers or websites that sell anime out there. But never just trust anyone for a simple deal in a dvd being cheaper. Not all sites are trustworthy. Know who you’re buying from. Look at reviews for a website and check from past buyers, you could find out a couple of dirty laundry a website might not want new buyers to know about.  Especially second -hand dealers. On Amazon, Ebay, or whatever used merchandise website you trust and know. Look at the ratings of the seller but not only that look at the information given, the better detailed most likely you could trust it. Even just from the pictures a seller could use can say something about what they could be selling. People today tend to have cameras on their phone there isn’t much of a need not to put a picture of their product up.

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3.) Look at the value vs the product.

Yes there is an anime you want, yes it looks like a good price, and yes you’ve been wanting it for a long time. But even if a sale looks tempting always check what you’ll get out the the deal. Know the company that is selling the series. Like if the company is Aniplex, they sell their dvds on a higher price line so if they sell a product for $29.99 vs $69.99 or even $89.99 you know you’re getting a good deal. But for a company like Funimation or Sentai films, you have to look at the beginning price vs the sale price. Once you checked that, check the amount of episodes you’ll be receiving on that disk. Like if a season set is $32.98 but was $79.99 and has only 13 episodes, you know you’re paying for something else which is most likely the special edition label of only owning a pretty box, (not exactly worth it.)

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4.) Bundle!

When a site like Rightstuff offers free shipping for spending $50 in the US, I always say try and get to that amount. Bundles can save money, just think about if you might want to buy a dvd for a yankee swap or for a family member. If you have an opportunity for free shipping at a reasonable deal, I say by all means take it!

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5.) Let others be aware

It is hard for some people to shop for others. If you have a friend or family member unsure what to get you and you want anime, let them be aware of the sale. Just take them to the site and offer the things that would be interesting for you. Also help your fellow anime fans knowing sales, sometimes the only time a fan can buy dvds is during a sale. By letting them know you’re being a good person and also helping their collection grow.

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6.) Keep track of your money

While all these sales look amazing. Don’t wear out your wallet! You want to have money for food later, dvds aren’t that appetizing.

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I hope my tips helped everyone out this holiday. Please be safe, watch anime, read manga, make cosplay, and have a fun time shopping.

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