Venus Eye Violet Lens Review

Pinky Paradise’s Venus Eye Violet Lens Review

A review of Pinky Paradise’s “Venus Eye Violet” contact lens review. Check out the lens here
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Comfort These lenses were pretty comfortable. When I first put them in, they were bothering my upper eyelid, but after a couple minutes everything calmed down and I couldn’t even tell they were on my eye. I wore these for about 8 hours and they were comfortable the whole time. There was no itching or irritation. 5/5

Color Inside, the color definitely didn’t stand out. It was dark and muddled. Outside, it turned into a nice, vibrant purple. I don’t think it’s as vibrant as some people may be looking for, but it’s definitely noticeable. 3/5

Enlargement It definitely made my eyes a liiiittllee bigger. It wasn’t drastic and I didn’t get any comments on it, but if I took one contact out, you could definitely see the difference in size. If you’re looking for something drastic, I would go with another lens. But if you like the slight enlargement, it’s really not bad!3/5

Out of 15 points, these lenses got 11/15 (73%) If you want a cute lens case and a free gift, be sure to use the code: ELITECOSPLAY at checkout 😉

Purple contacts dark eyes

Purple contacts light eyes