Heimerdinger Cosplay Photoshoot

When Shainadilla contacted us to photograph her Heimerdinger cosplay, my first reaction was Heimerwhatnow? A quick google search told me he was part of the League of Legends gang. “Why haven’t I ever seen this guy?!”, I thought to myself, “He looks amazing.” League’s popularity in the world of cosplay has started to wain slightly and is being replaced by Overwatch and ice skaters, but even at it’s height of cosplay popularity, I still had never come across a Heimerdinger and I’m glad we got to photograph one.

Shainadilla did ol’ Heimer justice! Her wig had me entranced the whole shoot and it was refreshing to not have to worry about tangles and fly aways. In fact, the more of those the better. When I saw the turret she brought, I kept trying to insert it whenever I could. That lil’ buddy was so darn cute to me and was so awesomely light (ahh the wonders of foam).

We decided to split the photoshoot into two locations. The first half of the shoot, we photographed at Gasworks Park. An interesting park just off lake Union, it is home to some of the only industrial looking “buildings” in Seattle. After utilizing some of that industrial goodness, we hopped in the car and took a short ride to Woodland Park (not to be confused with Woodland Park Zoo right next door). No one in the group had ever been to Woodland Park and we were pleasantly surprised. It started off as a “normal” looking park. Some grass, a few trees and about 50 picnic tables. We pressed in a little deeper, and the trees started to get denser and more lumpy (gimmie those lumpy trees), there were cool crumbly rock walls, areas with tall grass and big ferns! The deeper we walked, the more ideas kept coming at me.

Before we could get too deep, our photoshoot had to come to an end, but I’m glad we got to explore a new area with Shainadilla and I love the way this set turned out. I this photoshoot brought justice to Heimerdinger.