Comic Con Quest

Cosplay Video Game in the Works on Kickstarter

Comic ConQuestComic ConQuest is the new creation from Jeff Matsuda (a very well known comic artist who has won an Emmy). It’s a party based tactical RPG set at a comic con! You fight your way through a wrecked convention hall and get some cosplay gear that gives you super powers. There’s also in game trivia challenges so you can one up your opponents with your comic book knowledge. They even have real life cosplayers (Vampy Bit Me, Abby Dark-Star, Amie Lynn, Alexandria the Red, Myrtle Sarrosa, Ani-Mia, and LeeAnna Vamp) as NPCs.

Comic ConQuestThey’ve partnered up with Free Lunch Design to help make the game, but they need about $20,000 to make it a reality. They’ve started a Kickstarter¬†and if you want to help you can redeem sweet rewards like getting the game early or getting your name in the credits. What do you think about a cosplay based video game?