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Cosplay Interview: Amanda K. Cosplay

Preview image by: Peter Roig

I meet Amanda at Dragon Con this past year, and I adored her Game of Thrones Cosplay. Other people felt the same as she gained some “air time” for it. Enjoy the awesome that is Amanda K!

You can find her Facebook here

Andy: What was the first convention you went to? What was a lasting memory from that convention?

Amanda K Cosplay: The very first convention that I went to was Anime Expo 2009. It was so much fun! And the funny thing is, I wasn’t planning on going, nor did I really want to go at all in the first place. A friend of mine at the time bought me a costume and and basically threatened that if I didn’t go with her she wouldn’t be my friend anymore! So I did, and I dressed up, and I had an amazing time! And that was basically the start of how I got into cosplay in the first place.

A: How do you choose what character you cosplay as?

princess 1
Amanda K as Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess (Photo by: Abbott Wang)

AKC: the way I choose which cosplay to do basically stems from games I’ve played, anime, movies or TV shows I’ve seen, or original costumes from character designs that I’ve created myself. If it’s not an original design, I prefer the costumes I make for myself to be characters I know and love. I pretty much never cosplay something I don’t know.

A:What was the hardest costume you’ve made so far? Why was it difficult?

AKC: The hardest costume I’ve made so far was definitely my Princess Zelda cosplay from Twilight Princess. It was also my very first costume that I ever made by myself. It took almost 6 months or more and cost me God knows how much money. But after I finished it, I believe that’s what made me the cosplayer that I am today because it took me through trials and tribulations that I would otherwise have not gone through and I learned very much from the experience.

A:You recently cosplayed as Tetra from Wind Waker, what was involved in making that costume? What made you want to cosplay as Tetra?

AKC: Tetra from Wind Waker is one of those characters that just sticks out in your mind as one of the most lovable Zelda characters to date. She’s just so different from all of the other Zelda incarnations because she’s feisty and strong minded and well, she’s a pirate! Those are the reasons I wanted to cosplay as Tetra, also the fact that Wind Waker was being re-released for the Wii U was also really great timing.

akc 5
Amanda K as Tetra from Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker (Photo by: Wesley Ruscher)

A: A good number of people discount Wind Waker for its cartoony style, what are your thoughts on that? Is it just me or was the sailing time annoying to you to?

AKC: I have to admit, I was one of those people at first. And although it took awhile for the art style to grow on me I think the Wind Waker style is now an integral part to the Legend of Zelda design history. The sailing was pretty annoying, but in the re-release they definitely fix that problem with a new game mechanic. As a game designer myself, I really appreciated that!

A: You’ve also done the little sisters from Bioshock, how did you get yourself to look so creepy? Did you drain the sisters or save them? What do you think of Infinite? Where should there next game take place?

AKC: I absolutely love love love Bioshock! And the little sisters were such an awesome part of that game! that’s why I wanted to portray one so badly. it was perfect for me because I can look like a little girl pretty easily, because I’m really short … im only 4’11”. looking creepy, on the other hand, has everything to do with good acting and make up technique. I really love to get in the head of the character and act like the character I’m portraying. also, editing in Photoshop helps!

akc 6
Amanda K as a Little sister from the Bioshock Series (Photo by: Peter Roig)

When I played the Bioshock games, I saved the sisters. I couldn’t bring myself to drain them that just seems so evil! And I absolutely loved Infinite, What a change of pace! And the game mechanics are fantastic. I also I absolutely love the twist at the end, if you haven’t played it… DO!

I’m really stoked to see where they take the next game, but I’d be happy with pretty much whatever they choose. I’m not going to be picky because I know it’s going to be amazing!

A: You recently did a Daenerys cosplay at Dragon Con 2013, Why did you pick her as a character? What were some great experiences you had at Dragon Con?

akc 3
Amada K. as Daemerys from GOT

AKC: One of the costumes I took with me to Dragon Con 2013 Daenerys from Game of Thrones. It was such a fun costumes to make and the reason I chose to make her is because she is my absolute favorite character from the show. There’s absolutely no way she’s not going to win the game of Thrones, that’s my opinion at least. she’s just so badass!

There were just too many great experiences to count at Dragon Con, but one that will always stand out in my mind will be the masquerade costume contest. It was the very first costume contest I entered, and although I didn’t win anything, it was an amazing learning experience and I got to go on stage and perform! Which is one of my favorite things to do.

A: What Conventions will you be at in 2014?

AKC: I’m not sure for the rest of the year, but in 2014 you will definitely be able to see me at Anime Expo and Comic Con. I’ll definitely be at more conventions, but I’ll update that info on my Facebook page as I figure it out. I hope to see you all there!



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