Thief Cosplay Inspiration

THIEF, an action/stealth game is not a new game, in fact, it came out in the early 1990’s but with Square Enix’s announcement of a Reboot at PAX East, I couldn’t help but be attracted to the character art. The story follows a character named Garrett who is a master thief (given the title of the game, you would suspect as much) and is set in a fantasy and steampunk like world.

The game doesn’t focus on fighting, but sneaking up and using other methods to get what you need. Square Enix and Edios Montreal took over the rights and the game is undergoing final production now and is set to release in 2014. I’m excited for the game, and after seeing the artwork, the game trailer, and the costume and set design, I couldn’t help but want to cosplay Garrett.

You can see below how the character design looks, and I’m more than curious as to how the villains look as we get more information on the game!