Fake Interviews

This started happening about a week ago, but I personally know some people who this happened to and it is not okay. The word has gotten around pretty well on, but I thought I would post this just incase it is happening to you. writes: “On Sunday, we received a few messages and emails from cosplayers, asking to verify whether or not we are doing video interviews for our website. We replied that no, we are not, and then were given information that a user on DeviantArt was claiming to represent, and asking cosplayers to do a video interview on Skype. This thread was also started here by another cosplayer who was contacted.

Screenshots of the dA messages show that they claimed to be doing video interviews for When called out on this, they at least once backed off and said that it was for a different website entirely.

The Skype screenname used was “cosplaycom”, without the dot. The name on that account says “CosplayCom Interviews (Vanessa)”.

(Please note that WITH the dot is ours, but we never really use it.)

While sending information to DeviantArt, I posted on the user’s wall there, telling them to stop pretending to be us, and warning visitors to their page that they were not representatives of our website. He immediately removed the comment and blocked any further posting.

DeviantArt responded to us Monday morning, quickly looked into the situation, and banned the user’s account.

We currently have no confirmation as to whether or not this person is also contacting cosplayers via other social media. The only reports we’ve received pertain to the specific account on dA that was banned, and the specific Skype account.”

Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with and if you feel the person is not legit, ask for credentials.