Cosplay Beauty Tip #1

Sometimes, cosplaying a character requires a bold lip color, but our lips aren’t always smooth and ready to take on such a strong color. Lip scrubWearing lipstick with dry lips can show ripples or cracks which just end up looking a little funky. But never fear! There’s a product for that. It’s called a lip scrub and all you have to do is rub it on your lips and then wash (or in some cases lick) it off. Now your lips are smooth and ready to take on some lipstick action. Wanna get some? We have some lip scrub suggestions for every budget:

High End- Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub
This lip scrub has been endorsed by InStyle magazine and has beauty bloggers raving. It comes in a couple different “flavors” like vanilla, peppermint, blood orange and brown sugar.

Mid Range- This Naturally Organic Lip Exfoliator
Want to go organic? This lip scrub is the way to go. Has great reviews and is bout 30% cheaper than the high end stuff!

Tony Moly Lip ScrubEntry Level- TONYMOLY KISS KISS Lip Scrub
TonyMoly is popular for their cute packaging and popularity on Korean beauty sites. Want cute lip packaging? Go for this one.

DIY- Honestly WTF  (yes, that’s the name of the blog)
This blog has a tutorial on how to make your own homemade lip scrub. The scrub wont last very long in the jar, but at least you know exactly what is going into it.

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