Awesome Deals- Week of 10/15/12

It’s time to talk about some awesome sales going on right now. I must warn you, these things are on super crazy awesome sale because there is limited stock left. So as of 3:25pm Pacific Time on 10/15/12, all these items were in stock. (Can’t account for the future) Here we go!

Lucky Star, Vol. 1 Limited Edition Normally $64.98- Now $12.70Unknown amount left

Gungrave – Beyond the Grave (Vol. 1) Normally $29.98- Now $5.65 6 left

Metropolis Normally $19.94- Now $9.19 2 left

Wallflower, Vol. 1: Lesson 1-My Fair Bishonen Normally $29.98- Now $10.59Only 1 left!!!

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 1 Normally $49.98- Now $22.87Only 1 left!!!

Samurai Champloo, Volume 2 (Episodes 5-8) Normally $29.98- Now $9.783 Left

Gantz Season 1 Box Set Normally $69.98- Now $33.16Only 1 Left!!!