Animeland Wasabi Rules

Animeland Wasabi Quietly Announces Hotel Rules for This Weekend

As some of you may know, Animeland Wasabi in Colorado is happening this weekend. Early this morning they announced some rules that the hotel has for them, which may impact a couple of cosplays:

“We had a sit down meeting with the hotel last night and would like to take a second to update you all on their policies.

Dress Code: Swimming suits are only allowed within the swimming area. Chests need to be covered (both males and females) and bottoms need to be shorts (females cannot wear swimming suit-type bottoms).

Food: You cannot eat or drink outside food in the convention space. At all. This violates the hotel’s food and beverage license. If you purchase food and bring it into the hotel, it HAS to go straight up to your room.

Weapons/Props: These cannot be in the lobby area unless you are taking the weapon/prop to your room. They are welcome in the hallway (where all the panel rooms, event rooms, game rooms, dealer/artist alley room are located). All guns MUST have an orange tip. This weapons policy is very strict due to the sensitivity from the Aurora shooting.

We understand this may cause complications for some people in cosplay and we apologize. Please be respectful of the hotel staff if they ask you to put something away or cover up a bit more than what you’re wearing.

We look forward to seeing all of you this weekend!”

We understand that since the events that happened in Aurora, there are now statewide rules about weapon props. I wonder how this will effect people’s “hang out” time? If you have a prop you must stick to the hallways and you can’t eat anywhere but a hotel room. (What if you’re not staying there?) Seems like some of these rules might effect some cosplayers. (Especially the ones that don’t know about them)