Tomb Raider Reborn

Tomb Raider Reborn Anticipation

With the ninth installment in the Tomb Raider franchise, Tomb Raider Reborn sparks a renewed interest in fans and as anticipation dwindles for the games release on March 5th, the day could not come any quicker.

Tomb Raider RebornTomb Raider Reborn is an origin’s tale created by Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix and Edios. Lara Croft is right out of university, 21 years old, and headed off on her first expedition with a crew; but much goes awry as the ship becomes wrecked along the coast of Japan at an outer laying island. Not much is known about what seems to be thought of as deserted island, however while searching for her crew on the island, Lara comes across other inhabitants and some of these people are not so very nice.

The English version of Tomb Raider will be voiced by Camilla Luddington, who not only voiced Lara but actually got to act as Lara Croft for the game through a series of fighting sequences.

The game is meant to be released world wide and has already added several other non speaking voice actors to the list such as, “Guiomar Alburquerque Durán as the new Spanish voice of Lara Croft and Polina Sherbakova as Lara’s Russian voice” according to Tomb Raider HQ online.

With anticipation for the game, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have released quite a few contests through out various social media platforms. Currently one is running on deviantArt for fans to participate across the globe. The prizes are hefty and the entries are pretty good so far, so I recommend checking it out or entering yourself!

They have also been releasing a daily tidbit “Expedition” character log each day leading up to the game of the crew in Tomb Raider Reborn, which you can view on Facebook.

Over all, the game looks to be well written, cast, and wonderfully made. The graphics look very real and similar to the quality of Final Fantasy with almost a painter’s touch to it. The surroundings are all interactive and not just up, down, left, right. You will be able to interact and climb, hide, and do the normal things that you have been able to do in the past.

With only a week until the game comes out, there is still an opportunity to pre-order your copy from several retailers: Amazon, Wal Mart, Gamestop, and Best Buy are just some of the retailers who are offering specials! Each offering different special features, DLC codes and skins, an art book, the cd, in game codes, or an extra spare level.

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