Yaya Han King of the nerds

Thoughts on King of the Nerds Cosplay Episode

Last night, the cosplay episode of King of the Nerds aired, here are some thoughts people had on it:

“This episode was all about ‘cosplay’ or so they claimed. Honestly, any cosplayer could have judged this competition if youking of the nerds review had to by looking at them from 20 yards away as the judges did. Yaya was just a name to throw in along with the word cosplay. As for Yaya, you didn’t miss much, she said maybe less than 25 words and was shown a few times adding up to maybe a minute if that.”

“The nerds created their own costumes, own character designs with their own background story and when acting it just seemed like they didn’t really care about what they were doing and they just seemed…annoyed? I mean I know they aren’t real actors and some of them never acted before in front of others or on T.V, but it seemed extremely forced. Then to make matters worse, the judges basically pulled off a mini ‘I don’t like your costume’ bit in front of the nerds (not the exact words but close). If I wasn’t cringing before cause of the acting, I was cringing now. Now I do not mind having people critique a cosplay (in fact I encourage it when it comes to my cosplays) however…this seemed over the top. The nerds were obviously not professional costume makers/cosplayers and the fact that they had a professional telling them that this isn’t creative/this is creative just struck a nerve with me. I have to say, I was a bit…unnerved considering that no one should have to say ‘I don’t like your costume’ (not in these words per say) no matter how famous/awesome you are. I mean that is what pissed off the cosplay community many times before no? (I think the Rules of Cosplay that that girl posted just summed up everything cosplayers wouldn’t follow).

This whole episode reminded me of the awkward kids trying to get in with the ‘cool kids.'”

From what we can tell, for a day, the “nerds” did a pretty good job at putting together a costume. Most of them didn’t really seem to be “into” it, but not all “nerds” like the same thing right? We’re not fond of reality shows so we wouldn’t give the episode a fair evaluation. What did you think about last nights episode?

Here’s a clip of the costumes and the guest judge introductions: