This Week in Cosplay- Episode 5

Episode 5 of This Week in Cosplay! We have background music now. You like? We show you lovely pictures from Oni Con and Anime Banzai. We talk (twice) about how EXCITED we are to be going to Aki Con this weekend. We have some last minute Halloween Costume ideas for you. Holly talks about resin on insulation foam. We will write your name on our foreheads if you guess the correct cosplay in “Guess That Cosplay”. and PSSTTT.. it’s Kevin’s birthday on Sunday, so don’t forget to say Happy Birthday!

Oni Con Pics 1-3:
Oni Con Pics 4&5:
Anime Banzai Pics:
Guess That Cosplay Cosplayer:
Guess That Cosplay Photographer:
Cosplay of the Week: