Staying Healthy During Cons

Staying Healthy during Conventions

Since Summer Conventions are under way, I figured it would be a good time to re-iterate that staying hydrated and eating are pretty much essential.

Here’s my list of ways to stay healthy for Conventions, and even these can sometimes fall flat for me!

1. Sleep more, stress less. 

Sleep is ESSENTIAL to your health, without it, you become tired, your brain is slower, you’re likely to have mood swings and honestly, you are more likely to catch a cold or become sick. It’s Not Worth It.

Also, that Costume you slave over? Stop stressing. Only YOU notice the small details (and I mean minuscule), if it’s not lined, if you forgot to paint your nails, the false eyelashes…. all of those little things that kind of are not important in the big scheme. Also if you Don’t Finish it? Don’t Wear it! You won’t be satisfied, and it’s not worth stressing over! Just don’t bring it! Leave your sewing machine at home. I’m sure you have 2 or 3 other costumes you can wear or re-wear, and yes wearing a NEW costume is fun, fabulous, and awesome, but it’s not worth it if you’re unhappy and depressed or angry or stressing over the little things here and there all weekend.

2. Drink Fluids (And I don’t mean alcohol)

I won’t deny that drinking isn’t fun, however, staying hyrdrated is more important to your health. So be sure to have water, as well as some other fruit flavored drinks on hand. Soda and Alcohol is dehydrating and if you’re planning to be in the sun or heat for any extended periods, staying hydrated is ESSENTIAL. Also drinking things like gatorade/powerade, Vitamin Water, and anything else that’s infused with vitamins will help you recuperate from your partying as well.

3. Eat and slow down. The Con can Wait.

What else causes you to become sick? Not eating. It’s easy to not feel hungry when you’re mind is running a thousand a minute, your amped on energy, and constantly moving. So take a breather, leave the convention and go get REAL food. Actually take 15-30 minutes to sit down and have a conversation, to enjoy your food, and to eat until you’re full instead of scarfing down the quickest meal.

4. Take a daily vitamin or fruit or something

Taking stuff that helps fight off the “Con Plague” is pretty important, so be sure to!

5. Dress for the weather- or try to at least part way through your day.

If your costume is meant for Winter, it’s probably a better idea to leave it at home if it’s 80 degrees+ out. If you just can’t, be sure to change part way through the day or to take a break and find a place to cool off. Heat stroke is easy to get.

6. Wear Sunscreen!

Because sunburns are the worst and skin cancer is not fun.

7. Keep an essential’s “bag” on hand.

Essentials tend to include: Wallet with money and ID/Drivers License. Convention badge. Water bottle and a granola bar.  Camera. Spare Batteries or battery charger. Cell phone. Hair/Wig brush or comb. Compact and powder (Or any other spare makeup needed on hand). Cellphone. Any personal health related items needed.

8.  Enjoy the Convention

Now that can come as a no brainer, but sometimes we get all worked up over the little things and getting ready, preparation, trying to keep to a schedule that we just forget how to Actually Have Fun. This goes back to not stressing as well!
So go out and enjoy your summer conventions!