androp bright siren

Music Video: androp Wire Up 250 Canon 60D’s for a cool flash wall

I came across this music video by the Japanese rock band Androp, preforming 「Bright Siren」. I’m way more engrossed by the technical side of the music video than the actual music; don’t get me wrong, I really like the song, but since the first 45 seconds of the video shows them setting up to film the video, lets be honest, it’s more about the video. Essentally the backdrop to this video is composed of a grid of 250 Canon 60D’s each rockin’ a 18-135mm lens and a 580EX II flash. Roughly $392,500 USD in just camera gear ( Canon EOS 60D
goes for about $1000, and the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT Flash goes for about $570 ).

I’m assuming that because of Canon’s generous contribution of camera gear, they received the 45 seconds of promo placement at the beginning of the music video. Because they’re using cameras, during the video there’s a few instances where they created the Bullett time effect used in the Matrix movies.

The Music

I thought the song was good, the first thing that hit me was, this sounds like the opening sound track to an anime. I’m pretty at some point this song will be used for that.


If you’re interested in how the made the video, check out this video here.