Katsucon 2013 schedule

Katsucon 2013 Schedule Released

As of just a few minutes ago, the 2013 schedule for Katsucon was released. And in an interesting format too! Instead of the normal graph that we are all used to, they have it so you can click on the event, and read what it’s about! No guessing or waiting until the con to see if you *really* want to go. You can also sign up (with or without your facebook account) and select if you are going to that event. This is the first con that I’ve been to in a while that actually has panels that I WANT to go to! There’s all sorts of amazing topics with a huge range. Although I’m a little sad there isn’t a panel for cosplay photography. (There is a cool one on posing for photos here.)
If you want to check out Katsucon’s schedule, go here!