GentlemanOtoku Suggests: Five Games that Should Be Anime

Hello Elite Cosplay-niacs! It’s GentlemanOtoku again. I’ve been playing a lot of video games lately (Mass Effect 3: Citadel, soo awesome!!), so I decided to make a list. It’s just that easy. This week I’m ganna list my top 5 choices for games I’d like to see made into Anime.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective


In Ghost Trick, you play as a recently murdered man named Sissle, who has become a ghost with no memories of his former life. You team up with a Detective Lynne to solve your own murder. The game has a quirky style to it, with every character reminding you of an old Saturday Morning cartoon character. The only drawback is that the game’s events all happen in one night. Still, a spunky female detective working with a slick looking ghost is a show I want to see.

God Hand


God Hand revolves around Gene, a young martial artist who possesses the “God Hand,” a mystical appendage that was once used to defeat a Demon King. Together with his companion/babysitter Olivia, the two travel the world to fight Demon-fueled injustice. The whole game is a super silly beat’em-up, and even has a trio of demons reminiscent of a certain missile themed team. I would love to see an animation house like Gainax (Abenobashi Shopping Arcade, Gurren Lagann) run wild with this one.

Shadow of the Colossus


Shadow of the Colossus is about a boy who makes a deal with a demon to kill 16 giants in exchange for reviving the boy’s lost love. The game is very poignant in its use of isolation and moral ambiguity. You notice that the boy looses more and more of his visual humanity with ever Colossi he slays. This game would make an incredible 60 or 90 minute animated film if done correctly (though a live action movie is apparently already in the works).

No More Heroes


I’ve heard that No More Heroes is a giant Terentino-esque critic on violence in video games, and society in general. That being said, an animated version of protagonist Travis Touchdown fighting against a homeless lady with a mega-cannon would be alright by me. Suda 51’s tale of a 20-something Otoku arbitrarily deciding to become the world’s #1 assassin would make an awesome 12-episode ultraviolent and hilariously irreverent anime that would make High School of the Dead look like a Puritan’s bedtime story.

Chrono Trigger


A weird thing happened when I was playing Chrono Trigger. The game is about a group of teenagers who are propelled though time only to discover that the world will end in 1999. As I was playing it, I started to think to myself, “This would make a really good show.” Admittedly, part of it was the fact that the game’s character designs were drawn in the same style as the Dragon Ball series. You could have replace the final boss with Freeza and not notice much difference. But the game’s characters, plot, and varied time lines would easily make up an epic 50+ anime.



Special Note: Final Fantasy (the cut scenes alone would translate into several 100 hours of television)