Cactuar Cosplay Commission

Cosplayer Looking to Commission Cactuar Cosplay

A cosplayers over on Reddit is looking to commission a Cactuar cosplay from Final Fantasy.

“I know a lot of people place a certain stigma around having someone else construct their cosplay for them, but I’m not one of them. Some people say that building the cosplay is the most fun part of the whole ordeal, but for me personally, I feel the most happy if I am able to make someone else smile. I have no skills, knowledge, or resources to do it myself, especially something as complex as this.
Ideally, I would love for the costume to be rounded and stick out from me to give it that uniform shape, but I would be willing to compromise in some areas. I would like to have this done by the end of August, as that’s when PAX Prime is. If you’re interested in doing this, shoot me a PM and we can chat over Skype if you want, and I’ll give you as many details as I can and we’ll try to set something up.”

If you are interested, you can message them here