Pieced Together Cosplay Interview

Cosplayer Interview: Pieced Together Cosplay

ZOMG! Our first guy on this site, and well deserved for his dedication to the Riddler. Enjoy

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Main image and second image by Jon C. Haverstick Photography

Andy: What was the first Convention you went to? What was the most memorable part of that Convention?

Pieced Together Cosplay: I went to Long Beach Comic Con in October 2010 with my best friends,  Vincent & Nicole. I immediately thought, “This is what I’ve been missing out on.” It was a smaller con then, so I got to really look around at all the excellent work that other cosplayers were doing & was very inspired to try my hand at it.

Andy: What was the first costume you made or bought? What did you learn from your first costume?

PTC: I went to theatre school & minored in design, so I have made a lot of costumes in my life. But my first outside of theatre, specifically for cosplay was A’shared Hett from Star Wars The Clone Wars comic. I learned that I touch my face a lot so I needed to make something where I wouldn’t smudge the ‘tattoos’ on my face, so I made Flint from G.I. JOE! a few months later.

Pieced Together Cosplay as The Riddler

Andy: One of your best cosplays is the Riddler. Why did you pick him to cosplay? Why did you pick the Riddler? What makes him a menacing villain?

PTC: Thank you, I love the Riddler. He is a great yet under-utilized character. I wanted to do something not done to death, yet instantly recognizable, which is an understatement. The first time I wore it, I got out of my car, took literally 10 steps & people started taking pictures. It was overwhelming.

Riddler is menacing because he is so clever, yet warped by vanity. However, I think that he does have a glimmer of a conscience (somewhere) as he’s not a homicidal maniac.

Andy:  How did you feel about Jim Carrey’s portrayal of the Riddler? In the Arkham City game? Do you think the Riddler deserves to be in a movie?

PTC: Jim Carrey presented a version of a character that was popular at the time that film was being made. It’s not how I see The Riddler, but many people thought the same about Jack Nicholson & Heath Ledger as the Joker(s). We don’t all have to like everything, but there is room for it.

I’m not a gamer (don’t hate me), but I really enjoyed the artwork of Arkham City. It’s a perfect example of there being room for different interpretations.

The Riddler absolutely deserves to be in a movie! He would need excellent writers however, as he is a very complex character. Recently there was a fan film made called “Batman: Puppet Master.” I really enjoyed their version of Mr. Nygma- cool, calculating, & elegant, a true opponent for the Bat.

Andy: What is the one thing you try to do when you dress up as a character? What is the best part of being a cosplayer for you?

PTC:  I want to do the best job that I can do & keep it fun. It’s fun for me & hopefully for those that see it. I love seeing creative work of all calibers & I want to share that with others. Cosplpay is a hobby that ANYBODY can & should do & it should be fun. I’m not a competitive person, but when I see great work that someone else is doing, it inspires me to compete with myself.

Andy: What is a male cosplayer beside you that everyone should know about?

PTC: There are a lot of really cool guys out there doing some great work, & I would like to share them all, but 1 in particular is The Ridorkulous Cosplay of Eric Cajiuat. He does a LOT of cool stuff, like Jedi Elvis, doing charity concerts for tornado victims, he is also the Penguin from the shoot I recently did of classic Batman villains shot by Eric Anderson.

Andy:  What Conventions will you be at in 2013?

PTC:  This has been my favourite year of cons so far. I debuted Riddler at Wondercon in Anaheim & had a blast. The next big things coming up are Comikaze Expo & of course Long Beach Comic Con in November. LBCC being my first & favourite, I get to return to the scene of the crime.

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