Cosplayer Interview: Melizenn Cosplay

Melizenn Cosplay caught my eye for her excellent  Maria Kurenai  Cosplay from the Vampire Knights anime. She is most deserving of a good spotlight!

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Andy: What was the first convention you went to? Who or what made you go to that convention?

Melizenn Cosplay: I start cosplay in 2009 at The Utopiales, International syfy con in Nantes (France). I go to this con because it was near from were I lived and the stage is really great ! I finished my first cosplay and my first skit for this event.

Melizenn Cosplay as Maria

A: You recently cosplayed Maria Kurenai from the Vampire Knights anime, what was it about her characters that inspired you to make her costume? You also hooked up with a group of cosplayers to make a set, so to speak, do you feel more comfortable cosplaying in a group?

MC: I love Matsuri Hino’s mangas and Vampire Knight is one of my favorites. Maria Kurenai is one of the most interesting character in this story, I love tortured character, she’s weak and strong at the same time and her relashionship with the Kiryu twins is really cute.

I love cosplay in group with some friends. I’m really more confortable in groupe, it’s more easy to be front of people judging you and your work as cosplayer. AND! It’s really more funny, I enjoy more if I’m in cosplay group, of just with friend even if they are not coplayed in the same serie. Strange crossovers are cool and funny xD

A: On the subject of other cosplayers, you have a lot of cosplay friends, how important is it to you to have some other cosplayers to share the creative process with you and generally support what your doing?

MC: Share the same passion with other people give me some happiness. I love share my work and my tips, and I’m happy to see tips from other cosplayers. For me this hobby is about sharing: sharing tips but especially about sharing the same interest for a particular fanbase and try to dignify it.

Melizenn as Eternal Sailor

A: You really seem to love to wear your Sailor Moon cosplay, what is it about Sailor Moon that you connect with? Did you grew up watching the show, if so, is Sailor Moon your favorite sailor? If they made an live action version of Sailor Moon who would you pick as the lead actress? Who would be your dreamboat Tuxedo Mask?

MC: My big-sis grow up watching this show and very young I play with her Sailor Moon goodies. I watch the anime very late and for me all the sailors have something I love. Usagi is my favorite ever, and I think that could be different if I watch the anime when i was a child.

I think this character is really funny, a little bit tsundere (and tsundere are always my favorites characters in animes, like Asuka from Evangelion. Maybe I have a tsundere soul ?), she’s cute and she has a cat. Cat’s is the most important thing in life!

I’m not a live action fangirl and I never think about that O.o

A: Recently you shared  an article, on March 19, 2013, about the role of Facebook in cosplay called “The Pursuit of Cosplay Fame”, do you think facebook fan pages are now a necessary part of cosplay now? What has Facebook done for your cosplay?

MC: For me Facebook is just a tool to make some galeries, give some news, like a website or a blog could do, It’s not necessary, juste easy to use. The succes of facebook pages is important because it’s really easy to find people and follow them. My facebook page help me sometime when I see cheering message from my followers when I’m really tired to work on a cosplay.

The use of Facebook for me is about sharing, not to try to be “famous” on the internet. That will not give me, or  help me to build a good life, so I don’t understand people who try to have always more like(s). I’m happy when people take some time to watch and comment my work, but not having fanpage [would] not change my life. Few weeks ago I want to delete it, I become too lazy to update it, but my friends convinced me otherwise.

Melizenn as Airi Hoshina

A: What was the  hardest cosplay you’ve made? Why? How did you power through it?

MC:My hardest cosplay ever is Hoshina Airi Enchanted dress from Meru Puri. I made it for WCS french prelim à Japan Expo in Paris on the past week end. I work 2 year on it  and I ruffle more or less 100 meters of fabric for it. I managed to finish it because of the support of my friends, boy friend, family and followers. It was a relly hard work, but as usual I’m not totaly satified about it. I think I’ll redo some parts soon.

A: Is there a cosplay that you want to attempt but haven’t because you weren’t comfortable enough wearing it? Why or Why not?

MC: I passed all my complexes at Japan Expo with a very sexy cosplay from a Shunya Yamashita’s illustation. I always try to be cute but I hide all the skin I can, especially in cons, I was not confortable in a little bit naked cosplays. Now I think I could be confortable in every cosplay I could make.

A:What conventions will you be at in 2013?

MC: With Japan Expo at the begining of july the con season in France is over, so I don’t know yet, mabye somme little cons in Nantes in autumn and winter.Salior Moon Group

…”she is the one named Sailor…”