Eat sleep sew repeat women's shirt
Eat sleep sew repeat women's shirt

Cosplay Shirts Now Available!

Kevin and I have been working towards creating cosplay/cosplay related shirts for a few years now. We finally decided to go through with our plan this past summer. We got together with our designer friend Christiana Wu to create four awesome designs.

Cosplay shirts
Elite Cosplay, cosplay icon women’s shirt

A few things sparked our desire to make cosplay shirts. The first being that I couldn’t really find many or any that I really liked. There were definitely some related to cosplay, but I had the strong desire for it to be designed well and be upfront with it’s cosplaying glory. The second desire was to just make something. As some of you know, we create photos all the time. But during the slow season, I get restless. I want to do something creative and I like to try things I’ve never done before. This process was a fun, stressful and scary experience. We learned so much and can’t wait to make more things for our store.

We hope you enjoy the shirts as much as we do. Currently, there are two designs available with much, much more to come soon.

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