For many, many years I’ve toyed with the idea of cosplaying. It’s been a secret dream of mine ever since was I about 5 or 6 and began watching Sailor Moon. As I’ve gotten and watched tons more anime and became more versed in manga, I was faced with a terrible dilemma: who the heck do I cosplay as?

I’ve seen so many talented cosplayers online and at conferences that leave my jaw on the floor. Did they make their costume? Buy it? Who did their makeup? How long did all of this take? It can become a brain overload and almost defeating. When you don’t know where to start and you see such amazing things, what do you do? It can definitely be easier to find a costume and wig (if necessary) online and go that route but it’s almost like the perfectionist in me wants a custom made costume. I want it to fit me in all the right places and just make it that more personal.

I have it set in my mind to cosplay as Yoruichi from Bleach first. I have a tattoo from Bleach, I adore her, and my friends have dubbed me her anyway. I have a growing list of potential cosplays in the future. It’s funny. A lot of people get a bad rap for cosplaying because they get viewed as freaks. I think of something RuPaul said in reference to drag queens, “We’re born naked; the rest is just drag.” So if you ever feel uncomfortable about getting started, I think that’s a great reference to keep in mind.

What’s your list of cosplays and what got you started down this amazing path?