Corvo dishonored mask

Corvo mask, from Dishonored

If you’ve played the PC/XBOX360 game Dishonored, you’ll know that the main character Corvo’s mask was meticulously assembled by Piero. Well the crew at Technically Magic Effects, who put together a fantastic real life version of the mask. Check out a few of the images below, and make sure to head on over to their Facebook page [ here ] to see the whole Gallery.

Unfortunately, you won’t been seeing this at a convention anytime soon, they made the mask for a contest. None-the-less, they posted build pictures, so if you’re one of the lucky people out there that has access to CAD software and a 3d printer you too can make yourself one!

From their build pictures it looks like they created a 3D mockup of the mask in a CAD program, then used a 3D printer to print a negative ( female ) mold. Then it looks like they coated the negative mold with plastic, capturing the detail, and making a mask.


Corvo dishonored mask Corvo dishonored mask Corvo dishonored mask Corvo dishonored mask

[Source Technically Magic Effects ]