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Published on November 4th, 2012 | by Holly


Anime LA Photo Shoots CLOSED

If you are on this list, we will be e-mailing/messaging you a few days before the con to confirm times and location meetup.


10:30am- Reserved by: Alex M.
1pm- Reserved by: Adam R.
1:30pm- Reserved by: Elissa P.
3pm- Reserved by: Rosemary D.
4pm- Reserved by: Lauren L.
4:30pm- Reserved by: Scott L.
6:30pm- Reserved by: Miles & Holly
7pm- Reserved by: Rin D.
8:30pm- Reserved by: Kai C.


10am- Reserved by: C & C
11am- Reserved by: Cortana S.
11:30am- Reserved by: Victoria M.
3:00pm- Reserved by: Marisa M.
3:30pm- Reserved by: Lauren L.
4pm- Reserved by: Matt M.
6:30pm- Reserved by: Megan H.
7pm- Reserved by: Miles & Holly
7:30pm- Reserved by: Kai C.


11am- Reserved by: Adam R.
11:30- Reserved by: Scott L.
2pm- Reserved by: Shirley Lulu
4:30pm Reserved by: Rin D.
-Sunday Evening by request-

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Holly is a Seattle native and an active cosplay photographer. She loves anything with whales on it. Hint....hint..

4 Responses to Anime LA Photo Shoots CLOSED

  1. Miles and Hollie says:

    Hey, this is Miles and Hollie. We had Captain America and Tony Stark set for Sat at 7pm. Do you think we could change the cosplayes to Hawkeye and Black Widow, please? My wife won’t be able to get Captain America done in time do to financial reasons.

  2. Rosella says:

    Aw Dang it!! I missed signing up..

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